I love textile, its inifinite possibilities regarding colors, textures and shapes.
I see textile as a metaphore of our bonds to other human beings : ephemeral, yet precious.

Inspired by arts, traditional handcrafting techniques, and colors from my environment, I play with textile's inner properties associated to other materials to innovate and reach unexpected territories in jewelry.
Wearable pieces of ornament arise from subtle variations in textures, shapes, and mechanical movements.

Singularity, dexterity, atention to details, quality and time for the making process are the foundation of Olgajeanne's collections.
Each piece of jewelry is handmade in the studio in Marseilles, using premium quality materials, and is given an edition number, as a personal identity.

Statement necklaces and bracelets are designed to emphasize any basic piece of your wardrobe, in a bold, minimal and sophisticated style.
When you wear a piece of my jewelry, it becomes a remarkable ingredient of your true originality.