"I create luxury contemporary jewelry that first can be described as geometrical, refined statement pieces of exclusive design, that dramatize the beautiful basics of your wardrobes, in a unique style.

Then… now, come, come a little closer :
Can you feel they can be seen as small pieces of art, standing for metaphores of emotional landscapes, where the shapes combinations figure out your life journey, and the ribbon, the beautiful textured and yet fragile link that ties you to other human beings ?"

Innovation in design, precision and meticulousness in hands' work, luxury in the time of making process and uniqueness are the motivations building the jewelry label Olgajeanne.

Inspired by art, architecture, handcrafting skills and textures, French former fashion and textile designer Sophie Baillet celebrates in her jewelry the ephemeral beauty in human condition and nature, confronted to the strength of natural or artificial structures.

Beyond technical dexterity, making jewelry is also a way of greeting and passing on feelings from the inside to the outside in an abstract way, into a wearable piece of ornament, named as "emotional landscape".

Statement pieces arise from personal reinterpretation of traditional handcrafting techniques into jewelry, combining geometrical shapes and textile.
Eye-catching necklaces and bracelets are designed to fit and dramatize basic clothes, in a bold, yet minimal and refined style.
Each piece of jewelry is handmade in the studio using premium quality materials, and is given an edition number as a personal identity.

A piece of Olgajeanne jewelry becomes a remarkable ingredient of its owner true originality.